"Temptation" 2019
Koetsier Sculpture Dreamline 2013
"Elevation" 2005
"Balance" 2003-2004
"Aero" 2018
"Lift" 2007
"Analog Kid" 2013
"Circumfusion" 2003
"Movement" 2004
"Red Barchetta" 2013
"Energie II" 2005
Koetsier Sculpture Dreamline 2013
"Switch" 2007
"Flashback" 2007
"Movement" 2004
"Analog Kid" 20013
"Parallel" 2007
"Pasosticks" 2008
"Journey" 2006
"Aero" 2018
"Contortion" 2003
"Red Barchetta" 2013
"Compression" 2007-2008

Welcome to the official site for artist Esmoreit Koetsier. For nearly 20 years Koetsier has been designing and fabricating both small and large scale modern sculptures and fine art. 

Some of his clients include The Fluor Corporation, Buchanan Partners, Deacon Corporation and Irvine Valley College.  Two of his large scale pieces have also been procured by Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in 2017. His work is also a favorite among private collectors both domestically and internationally.

Koetsiers work has been described as modern, abstract and minimalist.  In recent years, his work has adopted a constructivist design style with growing influences from industrial design, old technology, urban decay & nostalgia.  


Typically the body of work consists of unique pieces or very small editions on his smaller work.